Competitive Strategy, Innovation, Nonmarket Strategy

• T. Skiti (2020b). Institutional Entry Barriers and Spatial Technology Diffusion: Evidence from the Broadband Industry.
Strategic Management Journal, 41(7): 1336-1361. 
• T. Skiti (2020a). Strategic Technology Adoption and Entry Deterrence in Broadband.
Industrial and Corporate Change, 29(3): 713-729.

Working Papers
• Corporate Political Activity and Technology Investment, with C.J. Tae and F. Frazier
Platform Design and Entry, with X. Luo and Z. Lin (R&R)
Local Inventor Connectivity and Innovation, with H. Ju and R. Mudambi

PhD, Duke University, 2017
BSc, MSc, AUEB, 2011

Business Strategy (UG)
Microeconomics (PhD)