Research Interests
Competitive Strategy, Technology Management, Nonmarket Strategy

• T. Skiti (2020b). Institutional Entry Barriers and Spatial Technology Diffusion: Evidence from the Broadband Industry.
Strategic Management Journal, 41(7): 1336-1361. 
• T. Skiti (2020a). Strategic Technology Adoption and Entry Deterrence in Broadband.
Industrial and Corporate Change, 29(3): 713-729.

Working Papers
• Nonmarket Strategy and Technology Investment, with C.J. Tae and F. Frazier
(Under Review)
Platform Design and Entry, with X. Luo and Z. Lin

Local Inventor Connectivity and Innovation, with R. Mudambi and H. Ju

PhD, Duke University, 2017

Business Strategy (UG)
Microeconomics (PhD)