Graduation Outfits

Graduation is around the corner and I know finding an outfit can be stressful for a lot of seniors. A lot of people tend to go with the color white but this year we should switch it up! Females should try wearing a nude color or light pink. Graduation is in the spring so a light pink or nude will go perfect with the season.

All pictures came from google.

Something I Learned In Class

Something I learned in class that I want to share on my website is the difference between analog and digital. Analog is continuous, infinite range of values over time, and more exact value but harder to work with. Digital on the other hand is discrete, finite range of values over time, and not as exact as analog but easier to work with. An example of analog are video and audio transmission. An example of digital is computers. 

Spring Break 2019

Welcome back from spring break!! I noticed a lot of my classmates went to Miami for the week that we were off. A lot of students were seen in neon colors and snake skin. The neon and snake skin trend I talked about a few posts ago has continued to trend throughout this month. Here our a few pics of students that attend Temple in Miami last week. The following students are Dreu Davis, Cristina Hernandez, and Arielle Hunt.

About Me!

My name is Shemsakhita but I go by Shemmy! I am a senior Business Marketing major here at Temple. I just turned 22 on January 21st, that’s right I am an Aquarius. On my free time I like to look up the latest fashion trends and what celebrities are rocking what styles. My dream job is to be apart of a fashion company’s marketing and advertisement team. I would also like to create the ads companies post on their social media.

The New Snake Skin Trend

Lately there has been a huge fashion trend with snake skin. A lot of celebrities and Instagram models have been spotted in all types of pattern snake skin outfits. Kim Kardashian, a reality television star, was recently spotted rocking three different types snake skin designs. Another person was spotted in a snake skin two piece shirt and short set. Snake skin can come in all types of colors and designs. You can wear it to a party on the weekend or even just to class. Here are some other snake skin outfits to inspired you. 

Valentines Day Outfits

For the ladies at Temple University, Valentines day may or may not be important to them. But, if it is here are a few fashion tips for you. If you want to standout from everyone DO NOT WEAR RED!! Everyone wears either red or pink try something risky like a bright neon color. Neon colors always grabs people’s attention. Here are some photos of cool outfits to give you guys some ideas.