Research Interests

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Medicinal Chemistry

Organosilicon Chemistry

Organosilane chemistry investigations include the study of silanediols as transition state analogue inhibitors of protease enzymes, such as thermolysin, angiotensin-converting enzyme (to lower blood pressure), HIV protease (AIDS treatment), anthrax lethal factor (as a cure for anthrax infection), matrix metalloprotease (applications to cancer and other diseases). more information…
Related areas of organosilicon chemistry include the synthesis and study of a-silyl amino acids and their use in medicinal chemistry and peptide conformation, and the development of novel organosilane reagents.



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[4+4] Photocycloaddition

2-Pyridones undergo efficient [4+4] photocycloaddition with themselves and with 1,3-dienes, furans and naphthalenes. The resulting adducts are functional group rich and overlap with a variety of natural products, including eight-membered ring structures like taxol and the fusicoccins. The rigid, densely functionalized structures also undergo transannular reactions, such as during the chlorination shown. Our studies involve both fundamental reactivity issues and total synthesis.



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Organometallic Chemistry

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Materials Chemistry

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