Teaching Interests

Seth enjoys teaching a variety of subjects, including American history since the Civil War, the history of exclusion and inequality, African American history, food history, consumer culture history, and American sport history. He is prepared to teach broadly in American and world history and focuses on helping students develop the skills of a historian—analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of evidence—that will be valuable to them regardless of their career path, rather than on memorization of facts and dates.

Seth aims to inspire students’ intellectual curiosity and help them understand the past so they can better understand the world around them. One way he does that is by giving students time each week to ask about the history of current events related to the topic of the course. In his Sport in American Life course students frequently asked about the history of the intersection between sports and politics—a context often missing from the media coverage they saw—and he showed them how to find answers using the library’s resources, rather than less-reliable ones like Google. This approach works in the broad range of courses he can teach.

Temple University’s Department of History and College of Liberal Arts each recognized the care, energy, and effort Seth dedicates to teaching by honoring him with competitive teaching awards.

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