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If a student is “disruptive,” the school district may transfer the student to an alternative school. A disruptive student is one who threatens the welfare of other students or staff, creates an unsafe school environment or interferes with other students’ learning. 


What to Expect at a Transfer Hearing 

Transfers require an informal hearing, like one required for long-term suspensions.   In Philadelphia, this hearing is more formal than for a long-term suspension. 

Parents/Students Have the Following Rights at an Informal Hearing: 

  • Written notice** to parent prior to hearing 

  • Present evidence 

  • Request and question witnesses 

  • Review student’s records 

  • Receive a written copy of transfer decision 

  • Philadelphia School District: transfer hearing must be in front of an impartial hearing officer. 


Students have no appeal rights for school transfer decisions. 


What Happens if a Student is Transferred 

A student in a regular public school may be placed in an “Alternative Education Program” or transferred to another district school. If the student does not want to attend the alternative school, the parent may enroll the student in a charter school, independent or private school, or seek home schooling. 

** Parents and Students who do not speak English as a first language have a right to receive school notices and procedures in their first language, regarding all disciplinary matters. 

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