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We are here to educate and advocate.


Because your rights matter. 


Are you a student, or the parent of a student, who is facing 

  • a transfer

  • suspension

  • or expulsion?  


We can provide information and guidance to help you through a school discipline process if you are going through one!  


After contacting us, you will be paired with a law student advocate who will review your case and work with you in an effort to achieve the best possible outcome for the student.


We also provide Know-Your-Rights workshops explaining the school discipline process, as well as student rights at school before, during, and after disciplinary proceedings have been initiated.


Please contact us to schedule a workshop.





  • We prepare students and families for Philadelphia School District disciplinary hearings

  • We advocate for students at Philadelphia School District disciplinary hearings, and provide telephone advocacy when an advocate is not available to attend the hearing

  • We help students and families understand the disciplinary hearing process by either meeting in person or having a conversation over the telephone

  • We administer know-your-rights trainings to both students and practitioners

  • We direct students and families to other resources if we cannot be of help


Additional notes:


  • We are law students, not lawyers, who are specifically trained to advocate in school disciplinary hearings

  • We try to provide an advocate for each student or family that seeks our services, but cannot guarantee it

  • We do not handle appeals to disciplinary hearings

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