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Our Guide to School Discipline 

If you or your child is facing explusion, suspension, or transfer it is important to understand the school discipline process, and the rights your child has. The Philadelphia School District and Philadelphia charter schools are subject to the same Pennslyvania law. Read more information about the process below.


To find a comprehensive list of all Public Charter Schools in the Philadelphia School District, click here.



What Schools Can and Cannot Do:


A School May Not: 

  • Expel a student without a formal hearing 

  • Suspend a student for more than 3 days without an informal hearing with the parent 

  • Discipline for behavior not included in published school rules 

  • Use corporal punishment 

  • Deny a diploma if all academic requirements are met 


A School May Discipline for: 

  • Conduct during school 

  • Conduct going to and from school 

  • Conduct outside of school that disrupts school programs


If your child has a disability . . . 



The school must take extra measures if: 

  • the student has an  intellectual disability or developmental disability

  • the discipline is a transfer to alternative education for more than 10 school days in a row or more than 15 school days total in the year 



The school may NOT discipline a student for behavior which is a result of the student’s disability. 

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