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What to Expect at an Expulsion Hearing 

All expulsions require a formal hearing before a school board panel. A school district attorney, a school administrator, a hearing officer, and members of the school board will be present. 


The school will present evidence and witnesses to support its recommendation to expel. The student, parent or advocate can cross-examine these witnesses and present his or her own evidence, witnesses and testimony. 


At the end of the hearing, the hearing officer(s) will issue a recommendation on the expulsion. The full board must vote on the recommendation at a public meeting 

Parents/Students Have the Following Rights: 

  • Receive written notice** of the hearing at least 3 days before the hearing 

  • Hire an attorney 

  • Present and question witnesses 

  • Review student’s records and all evidence presented by the school 

  • Cross-examine witnesses against them 

  • Receive notice of the school district’s decision along with the written findings and reason for decision 

  • Appeal a decision to expel to the PA Court of Common Pleas within 30 days 


What Happens if a Student is Expelled 

If the student is between ages 6-17, he or she must attend another school. If this cannot be arranged, the parent must state so in writing within 30 days of the decision. The District must then make provisions for the student’s education. 


** Parents and Students who do not speak English as a first language have a right to receive school notices and procedures in their first language, regarding all disciplinary matters. 

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