Our Mission

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Our Mission

We strive to ensure fair discipline and to reduce exclusionary punishment.


The School Discipline Advocacy Service (SDAS) is a student-led organization that represents Philadelphia School District students and charter school students who are going through a formal disciplinary process.  


Through direct advocacy in disciplinary hearings, SDAS supports students facing suspensions, disciplinary transfers, and expulsions.


All of our services are provided FREE of charge by trained law student advocates from Temple, Penn, and Drexel.  


In addition to direct advocacy, SDAS provides educational opportunities throughout Philadelphia and surrounding communities for parents, students, and practitioners. Come to a workshop and learn all about student rights and school discipline.  


SDAS also works with community partners in Philadelphia to support students and to reduce the contact that Philadelphia youth have with the judicial system.


We encourage you and your organization to connect with us, and we gladly welcome law schools interested in reproducing our program in their own communities.

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