Source 1: By LINDA GREENHOUSESpecial to The New,York Times. (1988, Jul 30). Court setback for NASA: NASA told to release challenger disaster tape court orders that recording of challenger’s final moments be made public. New York Times (1923-Current File) Retrieved from

My first source comes from a newspaper article that pertains to the tragedy of the Challenger Shuttle in 1986. Eleven people lost their lives in this tragedy, and it all could have been prevented. The failure in this event had to do with the negligence of the management team of the launch as they were told by the shuttle engineers that cold temperatures adversely effected the liftoff of the shuttle when they tried it before. The management team did not head these warnings and sent eleven people that day to their deaths on that shuttle just seventy three seconds after the launch. Those eleven brilliant astronauts who were going to release the first tracking and data relay satellite (which would enable the astronauts to keep in touch with the controllers back on Earth), lost their lives needlessly. With this being a significant failure in American astronautical history, it does also teach the importance of exercising every and all precaution when dealing with any sort of spacecraft. After this tragic accident it became the subject of many different case studies in order to advance engineering safety to protect future astronauts. It shows that there are always lessons to be learned in every failure in order to grow from it, even if the failure was a devastating one.

Source 2: Conspirator recounts day franz ferdinand was shot. (1969, Jun 28). Chicago Tribune (1963-1996) Retrieved from

My second source is a news article written in 1969, decades after the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand which is one of the main catalysts that sparked WWI. In the article one of the main conspirators of the assassination recounts the events of that day. The failure here is nothing short of an unfortunate coincidence. The archduke was on his way to a hospital to visit someone, and his driver happened to make a wrong turn. He was shot by a member of the Black Hand, a Serbian Nationalist group during this time. He seized the opportunity to take the archduke’s life by mere coincidence as he wasn’t expecting him to be there. This shows the significance of one small mistake. The death of this one man caused the beginning of a war across the world that would last years.