New Source and Progress Report

For this week’s blog post I opted to refer to another past study: Local Climate Experts: The Influence of Local TV Weather Information of Climate Change Perceptions. The study was conducted across Virginia under the guise of a university study compensating the subjects for their time. Participants were asked how often they viewed local weather reports (and were disqualified if they answered never), perceptions of extreme local weather, perceptions of climate change, their trust in tv weathercasters, and about their political ideologies. They found that the greater exposure to tv weather the more awareness of extreme weather and belief in climate change. Seventy-seven percent of participants noted that they trust their local weathercaster and this trust lead itself to awareness on climate change. The results showcased the role in newscaster trust has on the viewer and can be a measurable tool for science communication in addressing the public on environmental concerns.

I felt this study was a real clutch find because it directly relates to my project. The past research indicating trust in newscasters directly relates to awareness of climate change and action creates a solid foundation for me to base my questions for my interview subjects in the meteorology field as well as the other scientific disciplines. The study indicates that experts hold a valuable responsibility in the information they present to the public. This information and findings are helpful to me as I study the topics in general and form my interview questions specifically.

In terms of progress check in, Kathy Orr and I are trying to set up her interview and I’m still sending out emails for subjects. I’ve gotten a few “I’ll check my schedule,” responses, so at least they aren’t hard nos. Aside from that and trying to get my calendar in order I’m working on the paper and getting that finished before the deadline and finalize my project materials. I know any kind of script I have to turn in will be difficult because I feel like the quotes I get in my interviews will drive the narration and it will be one of the last things that I do. I just must operate under the “it’s easier to go back an edit a bad page than it is no page.”


Bloodhart, B., Maibach, E., Myers, T., & Zhao, X. (2015). Local climate experts: The influence of local TV weather information on climate change perceptions: E0141526. PLoS ONE, 10(11) doi:

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