New Source and Progress Report

This week for my blog post I’ll be highlighting my source Place, proximity, and perceived harm: extreme weather events and views about climate change by Chad Zanocco, Hilary Boudet, Roberta Nilson, Hannah Satein, Hannah Whitley, June Flora from Climate Change, Volume 149 Issue 3-4 from August 2018. This article examines public perception of climate change through four case studies. Two of the case studies are in areas affected by tornadoes and two affected by wildfires. The study analyzed all four cases in terms of community and personal harm, and proximity. They found that when respondents said they felt personal harm due to the weather they became more concerned about global warming but did not think that global warming made the weather worse. When respondents felt that they experienced community harm they were not more concerned with global warming in general but felt that global warming made the weather more severe.

This reading fits into my project because it examines public attitudes based on their own personal experiences. How people understand the news they are given specifically pertaining to climate change is related to my project as I am critiquing the public’s literacy on the subject. This study is helpful in that it demonstrates motivational factors for people’s understanding of climate change and willingness for knowledge on the subject. The recent publication also helps my research stay timely. Having recent quantifiable data will help me understand what motivates people to care about climate change and will help in my story telling and stir interest up regardless of personal experience or proximity.

As I said last week I am ready to move on from mining found footage for now and schedule interviews. This past week I’ve made some phone calls and sent out some Twitter messages in hopes subjects will engage. If I must resort to more annoying measures I’m more than prepared for that, I can be quite persistent. I’m also thinking about what b roll I can shoot myself and what I will have to harvest. As I said Wednesday I’m worried about how many subjects I may get, but I just must keep the faith and hope that if someone slams a door in my face it leads me to getting someone who is better on camera and for my message. Once I start getting interviews in the can based on what my subjects give me in terms of verbal pearls I’ll have a better idea of what I want the script to say and how to say it.

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