Form, Function, and Aesthetics

I chose the documentary film style for my project because I feel it’s the best way to tell the story and a documentary would give the project greater reach.

I’m in the process of reaching out to people in the science community in different areas pertaining to the topic for interviews. Interviews will be layered with found footage and b roll as it applies to the sound byte I opt to use from the interview at that point in the film. My found footage will include videos of pollution in the ocean, weather reports, doppler radar footage, as well as news where scientifically inaccurate data is shared whether online, in print, or on the television for the literacy aspect.

Ideally, I’d like to operate on the circle theory in story telling in the film. It’s difficult to articulately describe the direction I think it’s going to take because that’s not how my creative process works. I often use the analogy of a fashion designer: some designers sketch and sketch and sketch and go into the fabric store knowing what they want and what they are making, and then there are those that just let the materials speak to them and tell the designer what they want to be made into. I am very much the latter. Based on the found footage I have already archived I have a general direction but depending on what nuggets my interview subjects give me the aesthetic can be altered to make the quotes work within the narrative.

I want to pay close attention to sound design and make sure that the sound track is just as effective as the visual strategy. I would like to have a musician compose an original score for the project, however that will come down to budgeting. I also want to pay attention to colors used in my b roll and try to make sure that they are consistent to give it some visual form and function.

It is important that the project is educational as well as a critique on how we use social media to spread false information when we could use this tool for good and I want the overall feel to reflect that in tone and aesthetics.

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