MA Final Project Goals

I grew up in a magical time known as the mid 90s where children had multiple forms of media that encouraged us do our part to help the planet, and that being environmentally conscious was cool. I would pledge hours to Nickelodeon’s the Big Help and always made sure I was in front of the television for Captain Planet. As I’ve gotten older I realized how many people in my generation let Captain Planet down through wasteful behavior.

The notion that humans view themselves as the center of the universe perpetuates this behavior because it provides a temporary convenience. These temporary conveniences when added up adversely affect other species and climate.

Public understanding, or lack thereof, when it comes to climate science and environmental concerns plays its part in perpetuating these behaviors. The spread of misinformation through social channels not only encourages public ignorance, but at time can spread wrong and potentially dangerous information.

My final project in its finished form will be a documentary that uses found footage as well as interviews with climate scientists, meteorologists, environmental scientists, and communication and social media scholars.

I have four main parts for the film in my head:

  1. The Anthropocene: how we affect the planet
  2. What we’re actually doing to the planet: how our behavior affects the planet directly
  3. Public’s general understanding of the topic or lack thereof: how social media channels directly spread misinformation
  4. What can we do: how we can promote the spread of accurate information over social channels

I want to create a compelling work where the science and art worlds intersect that could speak to the science community as well as an audience with limited understanding on the subjects. The importance and timeliness is there, I just have to make sure I do an meticulous job with the execution.

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