I am a junior student studying therapeutic recreation at Temple University. While in high school, I had my mind set on becoming a registered nurse because I took care of my father who had needed a lot of medical attention and I was very passionate about it. During my time in Summer Bridge program before my freshman year of college, I was exposed to the Therapeutic Recreation major through my TA and so I was interested in what that major had to offer. She told me almost everything I needed to know and shared her experience so far. Later on I did my own research and, I was blown away as to how much of a difference I can make in a child’s life by helping them function independently in recreational activities. After this, I knew I wanted to use recreation to help children improve their quality of life. I then declared therapeutic recreation as my major and have not thought twice about it.

Professionally, I hope to work with children that has developmental issues or physical disabilities. I believe therapeutic recreation can help these children enjoy their lives to the best of their abilities. The happiness that comes out of teaching recreational skills and ways of changing activities to meet their needs is such a wonderful feeling to me. Being able to do something they haven’t been able to do for a while will improve self-esteem and gain confidence. It feels very rewarding when the child’s facial expressions changes from sad to happy. In the future I wish to work in a hospital setting with pediatrics.

With some voluntary and work experience I have learned some skills that a recreational therapist would need. While working with the Time-Out Respite program at Temple, I was able to learn how to give caring supervision while creating a safe environment for the elderly. I also had the opportunity to be a medical escort to my client. Also, being a direct staff professional with Help-U-Bridge also gave me great experience with geriatrics. I am planning to gain experience with pediatrics in the near future by volunteering with different organizations and sites. After developing experience with pediatrics, I believe I will fit in well as a CTRS in this setting.