Participating in research can be a highly rewarding and valuable experience for individuals interested in a variety of fields. Firsthand involvement in scientific discoveries can facilitate learning and critical thinking while providing many opportunities for skill development.

Although having a background in research can expedite involvement, we encourage all individuals who are interested in conducting research to consider joining the lab! We value being able to teach others about scientific processes and the multiple facets involved in psychological research. We have compiled various resources that may be of help for individuals interested in beginning or continuing participation in research. Please see below for information regarding undergraduate research assistant positions, information about applying to Temple’s graduate school, and additional resources on psychology research.

The SAN Lab is not currently recruiting Temple University undergraduate research assistants.

If you are interested in potentially joining the lab to gain research experience, please reach out to While we are not currently recruiting research assistants (as of the Spring 2021 semester), we may have more positions available in the Fall 2021-2022 academic year.

A Google form will be made available here for online applications as positions become available.

Expectations for Undergraduate Research Assistants
  • Eagerness to learn and work with fellow lab members
  • Punctuality to agreed-upon hours
  • Prompt responses to communication
  • Conscientious and kind collaborators
  • Excitement about the field of psychology
Independent Study Courses

Temple offers courses wherein undergraduates will be able to work in labs for credit. While the expectations of these courses may vary across majors, some general guidelines for these courses include:

  • Students will be expected to establish a consistent weekly schedule with the lab director and come in regularly to conduct research.
  • Students will be trained on hands-on research techniques specific to the host lab.
  • Students will be responsible for record keeping, as well as collecting, analyzing and graphing data related to their project.
  • Students will also be expected to familiarize themselves with the relevant scientific literature related to their project.
  • Trainees will present their findings at lab meetings and scientific conferences.

Temple University Graduate School information:

Email Dr. Helion:

Additional resources for Prospective Researchers:

Careers in Psychology
Email template for reaching out to potential research advisors
Resources for developing research skills online for free

Literature Review and Scientific Writing

Study Design


Data analysis and coding