Congratulations to our incredible third-year graduate student Billy Mitchell, whose first-author paper ‘Developmental Differences in Affective Representation Between Prefrontal and Subcortical Structures” was accepted for publication in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience (SCAN)!

Three Cheers to Ginny’s First Year (and first paper)!

Congratulations to Ginny for completing her first year of grad school and for writing a first-author paper! Together with co-authors Johanna Jarcho and Chelsea Helion, Ginny proposes the difficulties associated with giving and receiving of constructive feedback to be re-conceptualized as an emotion-regulation issue. Read Ginny’s exciting pre-print here!

Undergrad Excellence!

Our wonderfully hard-working undergraduate research assistant Adhya Gowda is a recipient of Temple University’s Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Award (LAURA)! During this coming Fall, she will be working with Chelsea Helion on a project titled “Action and Motivation Congruency in Assessing Interpersonal Similarity“.


Billy won a poster award at the 2021 Virtual Conference of the Social and Affective Neuroscience Society for his poster titled “Do You Feel How I Feel?: Developmental Differences in Affective Neural Representations.”

Shine bright like a diamond!

Our incredible undergraduate research assistant Sophia Tran is a recipient of Temple University’s Diamond Research Scholar Award for her project titled “Social Network Learning Across Evaluative Domains“!

Congratulations Billy!

Billy won a Best Poster Award at the 2021 SPSP Emotion Preconference for his poster “Do You Feel What I Feel: Developmental Differences in Emotion Representation.” Click the poster to see his awesome work!

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

The SANlab and the Adaptive Memory Lab submitted two papers for review! Check out Joanne’s manuscript about emotional and physiological arousal here, and check out Samantha’s manuscript about threat related memory here.

Dog Days Are Here

The SANlab had a pawsome day at the dog park, where Frank and Sadie made lots of new friends!

Happy Halloween!

The SANlab and the Adaptive Memory Lab got spooked at Terror Behind the Walls in the name of science!

Congrats Chelsea!

A chapter titled “Emotion Regulation Across the Lifespan” that Chelsea Helion, Sydney Krueger, and Kevin Ochsner wrote for the Handbook of Clinical Neurology was published!

Friends in High Places

Our lab will be collaborating with numerous labs on campus and from different universities. Meet our friends

Read All About It!

Congratulations Chelsea! The paper “Asymmetric Moral Memory for Harming versus Being Harmed”, written by Chelsea Helion, Erik Helzer, Sharon Kim, and David Pizarro, was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology!


We enjoy working with multiple labs at Temple and at other universities; check out their work!

Social Developmental Neuroscience Laboratory; Principal Investigator Johanna Jarcho, Ph.D. Temple University.

Adaptive Memory Lab; Principal Investigator Vishnu Murty, Ph.D. Temple University.

Neuroeconomics Laboratory; Principal Investigator David Smith, Ph.D. Temple University.