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Readings on Racism, Racial Disparities and Ally-ship, compiled by the Affective Neuroscience and Development Lab at Harvard University

Syllabus on Racism, Racial Disparities and Ally-ship compiled by: Affective Neuroscience and Development Lab, Harvard University (PI: Dr. Leah Somerville)

Readings included in this syllabus:

Structural Racism:

Defining Race:

Core African-American Authors:

Psychology of Racism

Race & Health

Race & Law

Race & Education

Race & Academia

White Privilege

 Activism & Anti-Racism

Concrete Steps for Recruiting, Supporting, and Advancing Underrepresented Minority Scientists (Castrellon, Cikara, Falk, Kraemer, Lynch, Nam, Paul, Reyes, Samanez-Larkin, & Yee, 2020)