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I am a sophomore. I study Therapeutic Recreation at Temple University. I was always interested in helping others, although just fixing a disease or impairment at hand never seemed enough to me. Lives can be altered forever after a diagnosis. Helping someone learn how to overcome hurdles and live a healthy life is the best goal. When I discovered Therapeutic Recreation, I felt as though I found the best option.

I hope to work with individuals who suffer from mental health disorders. Often what comes along with these disorders is social isolation, loneliness and non-productivity. Therapeutic Recreation is best fit for addressing these symptoms. I believe Therapeutic Recreation is a holistic treatment that leads to a longer, more productive life. The access to leisure will benefit this population’s life and wellbeing. I hope to work in an inpatient hospital and conduct research between the leisure and mental health.

In my education at Temple University, I am gaining hands on volunteer hours in this profession. I have also actively joined a variety of leisure clubs with the hopes of first hand learning about different leisure activities that can be integrated into participants lives. When I can, my plan is to volunteer at an organization with a CTRS that works with individuals who have mental health disorders. I want to develop hands on experience with this population and work with a strength-based approach.