Final Project Ideas

For the final I would like to do something that shows more about the history of the indigenous people around Philly. I would like to find out more about their tribe in relation to the Cherokee Nation, as in if it is hard to trace back the lineages of people. When my family went to prove ourselves as Natives we ran into road block after roadblock. Official letters were sent to us asking what our purpose was in our tracing our family back. At one point important birth documents from the 50s were conveniently burned in a mysterious fire that made it very hard for us to prove our blood status. It is hard to believe that Native Americans were not even citizens until 1924. However, even then there were areas that resisted this.

I would like to study more about the living Natives today and their revival of some of their traditions. Maybe even compare a bit to how the Cherokee are treated versus other native tribes.

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