The Map of My Covid World

I am not an artist

With the exception of not being able to ice skate, my world is still intact. What this map does is show the limited paths I now take every single day. Mornings start with being in bed with my laptop placed on top of a sock drawer playing some quiet YouTube videos. The path leads out of bed right to the dinning room where I attend class online. On weekends this path does change to skipping breakfast and heading out to work at karate. Evenings are also uneventful, there are no other places I dare embark to. The main living room is empty, we don’t use the dining room, I hardly use the game room next to my bedroom. Nights are exclusive to working on zoom in karate, or laying in bed watching a film waiting until I fall asleep. The world outside for me, is the inside of a dojang, the world inside is on my laptop. What I have noticed sadly is that my world seems no smaller than it was before. However, things are not unsatisfying. Many people are upset about their social lives being taken, but mine has always been inside of my hobbies. My world is limited to two buildings, however not once have I felt as if these times made my map hollow.

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