Myself in Short

        There is not much to put here besides starting with my name. I am Samantha Conde. I am an English major at Temple University in my 3rd year.     

        I am stubborn. This short summary will clue you into this. When I was born I was inducted into the family hobby: Roller Skating. Meaning, competitive dance skating on quad-wheeled skates. This hobby persists still. At the ripe age of seven, I got into karate, we can thank action movies for that. By twelve I was a black belt. I achieved a second-degree black belt three years later and started teaching as a job. At nineteen achieved a third-degree black belt. Now I’m a college student, certified instructor, and will be working on earning my masters in both.

What is History?

My answer might just be coming from overthinking too much and reading too many books. There’s an answer to this that purely says history is told by the victors, and thus it is warped from the events that truly happened. So, in my opinion, history is events that happened and are chosen to be remembered. They cannot be changed no matter how opinion on them today has changed. After all, the written account of an event is really just commentary which sometimes tends to reflect one of the thoughts of the time. In all, history is events explained at the time, often through the voice of that time.

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