Social media campaign: Running Generation intends to deliver free samples to celebrities, particularly lifestyle bloggers and Youtubers. They will post about the product and user experience my major social media websites. Social media advertising is less costly compared with other mediums. Also, social media platforms are largely used by our target group.

Guerrilla marketing: Running Generation will sponsor major marathons, sports events, charity activities and life shows. This advertising approach can substantially increase visibility of our brand. Also, the occasions such as marathons can also demonstrate the usefulness of our shoes.


Dealer Promotion:

Student discount: By sponsoring the sports meeting, student will know the     brand image of Running Generation. Targeting at student market, student discount can be put forward that using student ID to purchase the shoes will enjoy basic student discount. In addition, we can negotiate with schools that RG could be a supplier of school shoes.

Trade in: One of the dealer promotion is trade in, we can accept used shoes of   RG for 10 dollars’ gift card, which means customers can use it in any our Store or online, and no expiration date. It is good way for resource utilizing, and we can recycle shoelaces and soles, and also help us save the cost in a certain extent.


Customer Promotion:

DIY and Limited Edition: Unique shoes (DIY shoes) will be provided, customer can arbitrarily choose their favorite color, symbol and even signatures on their own shoes Ideal shoes are able to save and change on website under personal account.

RG will produce limited edition that based on zodiac and constellation; also movie theme can be considered, such as Iron Man and Star Trek.

Moreover, customize shoes can be uploaded for competition hold by RG; the shoes own highest orders is the winner and obtain rewards.

RG Sports Club: We plan to establish Running Generation sports clubs in different cities, anyone who bought our brand shoes, they can join our club, and hold contest or activities every month, and also we would like to invited famous athletes to our club and have activities with our members.


Sales People:

Personal Selling: Sales people can make cold calls to potential Youtubers and bloggers and encourage them to try out the RG for free demonstration. Also, they can contact potential customers whose contacts can be obtained from RG sponsorship or promotion events.

Public Relations: Sales people are also responsible for contacting media for positive press releases and for relationship bonding. This is an effective yet inexpensive way to build positive brand image.

Channel marketing: Sales people can reach distributors, wholesalers, suppliers and retailers and ask them to refer the RG products to their clients. This can broaden our sales base.