Lessons in failures- The COVID-19 Saga

I am most interested in learning more about how the passage of time effects both sides of every story not just through success, but also through failures. I have often heard a saying that goes “there are three sides to every story, yours, mine, and the truth.” However, the truth can be interpreted in so many ways depending on who is looking at your story and your truth. So my question is why does the victor always get to tell history? In each and every one of our lives we have experienced some sort of failure. However, these failures have helped us grow to make ourselves better. When we make mistakes, we can learn and grow from them. Isn’t one of the reasons we have history for the purpose of teaching us past faults that we should learn from? Delving deeper into the importance of failure can help us better understand the cause and effects of important events in history.

This topic can help teach us more about the pandemic by understanding our failures as a society, as humans, as beings who all inhabit this Earth. Instead of trying to think of what we could have done differently, let’s figure out how we got there in the first place. There’s no point in wondering what the world would be like if we had done things differently because that is not our reality, and it never will be. This picture is a perfect example as to why we failed in the first place. These men in this picture display why we failed. It explains why the virus went from epidemic to pandemic in just a few short months. The ignorance and entitlement is painted all over this one photo, and this same ignorance and entitlement can be seen throughout history time and time again. There are always lessons in failures, and that is what I wish to learn more about with this project.

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