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Selected Awards & Recognitions

Best Track Chair Award, 2020 Global Marketing Conference at Seoul, for the track “Service innovation and emerging technologies in tourism and hospitality” co-chaired with Dr. Kevin So (University of South Carolina).  

The 2019 Tourism Tribune Article of Excellence Award, for paper entitled 本土化研究的争议与边界——兼论对中国本土化旅游研究的几点思考(Debates and boundaries: A commentary on developing tourism- related indigenous research in China). (with G. Chen)

2019-20 Faculty Senate Service Award (FSSA), which “recognize[s] meritorious service to the University and the Community”, Faculty Senate, Temple University.

Finalist for conference Best Paper Award, for paper entitled “Guilt trip or vacation trip? Guilt as a vacation constraint.” (with K. Tan). The 2019 Travel and Tourism Research Association (TTRA) Annual Conference, Melbourne, Australia

Second Prize. (18TAL05). 2018 Outstanding Research Achievements (tourism), Ministry of Culture and Tourism, P. R. China (2018年文化和旅游部优秀研究成果(旅游类)). for paper entitled How smart is your tourist attraction? : Measuring tourist preferences of smart tourism attractions via a FCEM-AHP and IPA approach. Published on Tourism Management. (2016, Vol. 54. 309-320. (With Wang, X., F. Zhen, & J. Zhang).

Ranked No. 39th among the world’s top 50 most prolific and influential authors in the tourism, leisure, and hospitality fields, based on the number and citations of journal articles in the Web of Science, by Mulet-Forteza, Genovart-Balaguera, Mauleon-Mendez, and Merigó (2019)*

*Mulet-Forteza, C., Genovart-Balaguer, J., Mauleon-Mendez, E., and Merigó, J. M. (2019) A bibliometric research in the tourism, leisure and hospitality field.Journal of Business Research. 101. 819-827.

Best Track Chair Award, 2018 Global Marketing Conference at Tokyo, 2018, for the track “Customer Engagement in Tourism and Hospitality Services” co-chaired with Dr. Kevin So (University of South Carolina).  

Ranked No. 4th(tie) in contributing the most to China tourism research published in international journals in the four selected journals (ATR, JoST, JTR and TM) between 1979 and 2015 by Bao et al. (2018) *Bao, J. Chen, G. & Jin, X. (2018): China tourism research: A review of publications from four top international journals, Journal of China Tourism Research, DOI: 10.1080/19388160.2018.1434094

The 2016 Tourism Tribune Article of Excellence Award, for paper entitled “文化距离对旅游目的地选择的影响——以日本和中国大陆出境游为例 (The Influences of national cultural distance on international destination choice of Japanese and Chinese residents)” (with Y. Yang and H. Liu)

Ranked No. 3rdin publishing China-related tourism and hospitality research on leading tourism and hospitality journals (2008-2017) by B. Bai (2017)’s “China tourism and hospitality research: A bibliometric analysis” (keynote speech delivered on 2017Tourism Tribune Annual Conference on China Tourism Research)

Academy Invited Scholar. In recognition of being an “established and highly regarded scholars who have made a significant contribution to tourism research.” International Academy for the Study of Tourism. Guangzhou, China, 2017. 

Conference Best Paper Award, for paper entitled 换汤不换药?游客满意度测量的迷思” (Old stuff in new concoctions: The myth of tourist satisfaction measurement)(with T. Ma and Y. Xie). 2016 Tourism Tribune Annual Conference on China Tourism Research. Luoyang, China, 2016 

Josef Mazanec Recognition Award, for paper entitled “Content and sentiment analysis of travel barriers to China” (with S. Stepchenkova and A. Kirilenko). The 4thInterdisciplinary Tourism Research Conference. Bodrum, Turkey, 2016

Fellow, International Association for China Tourism Studies. (July 2015 to present)

2014-15 USC Educational Foundation Award for Research in Professional Schools, which is the university’s “most prestigious annual prizes for research and scholarship” addressing disciplines in the schools and colleges of “Business, Education, Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management (HRSM), Law, (University) Libraries and Mass Communications and Information Studies, on the Columbia campus, and related disciplines on the two- and four-year campuses”, University of South Carolina.  

Ranked No. 35th among the world’s top 100 leading contributors to 57 English language tourism, hospitality, and events journals covered in Scopus ® database between 1975 and Dec. 2014 by B. McKercher (2015)’s “One final (definitive?) league table of contributors to our field of study” report (posted on Trinet)

Best Paper Award, for paper entitled “Seasonal differences in the projection of destination image on social media: A case study on China’s Weibo.” (with Y. Wang, and X. Feng). The 20thAnnual Graduate Education and Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality and Tourism, Tampa, FL, January 2015.

Ranked No. 22nd among key contributors to the top 3 tourism journals between 2004-2013 by Li & Xu (2014)*

*Li, J. & Xu, Y. (2014). Author analyses of tourism research in the past thirty years-Based on ATR, JTR and TM. Tourism Management Perspectives 13. 1-6. 

Ranked No. 38th among the world’s top 50 most cited tourism scholars who have published at least 10 cited works between 2008 and January 2014 by B. McKercher (2014)’s “A changing of the guard in tourism research leadership” report (posted on Trinet)

2013 EMSIG visiting fellowship. The Emerging Markets Special Interest Group of the Australian Council for Tourism and Hospitality Education. 

2013 Emerging Scholar of Distinction Award. In recognition of the “substantial achievements…made to tourism research and scholarship since gaining PhD.” (The award is for scholars who are ten years or less out of their doctoral degree). International Academy for the Study of Tourism. 

2012-2013 “Best Emerging Scholar in Tourism (B.E.S.T.)” Award. In recognition of “outstanding scholarly contributions in tourism research and especially due to … focus on tourism in developing countries.” The 4thInternational Tourism Studies Association (ITSA) Biennial Conference, Bali, Indonesia, 2012

2011 Breakthrough Rising Star. Office of Research and Graduate Education, University of South Carolina. (Featured in the Spring 2011 issue of Breakthrough Magazine).

The 2010 Journal of Travel Research Charles R. Goeldner Article of Excellence Award, for paper entitled “The Effect of Online Information Search on Image Development: Insights from a Mixed Methods Study” (with B. Pan, L. Zhang, and W. Smith)

2010 Best Research Paper Award, for paper entitled “America’s destination image as seen through Chinese outbound tourists’ eyes” (with S. Stepchenkova). The 41st  Annual Conference of the Travel and Tourism Research Association. San Antonio, Texas, USA, 2010

Marquis Who’s Who in America 2010 Edition Conference Best Paper Award, for paper entitled “Examining the Structural Relationship between Destination Image and Loyalty: A Case Study of South Carolina, USA”. The 2ndInternational Conference on Destination Branding and Marketing, Macao, China, 2007  

Faculty Award, in recognition of support and dedication to international students, 2006. Office of Student Government and the Cultural Exchange Association, University of South Carolina.