Visit With Patrick Grossi

Before Patrick Grossi came to class, I did not know much about the preservation that took place in the city. I honestly thought more took place than what is actually being done. Something I thought was interesting was the zoning with CMX 5 and how it can limit how high up a building can be built, which some developers will add to to create a larger profit.

I wasn’t sure what angle to go with the preservation¬†advocacy until my friends sent me an article about something the Patrick brought up. We had talked about how a historic district was on campus because of 1810 Liacouras walk across from Alter Hall. I learned how the front (or back) of the building has been up kept with the historic district. I had no idea that since the building will become a part of the Fox School of Business, there was consideration for a sky walk to be installed.

My friends had sent an article a few hours after class about how the board was voting on different renovations that would be made to the building, including the skywalk. Most of my friends (who are in Fox of STHM) thought that it was a great idea and would help the university. Since we talked about it in class, I gave my opinion on it and how the historic side of the argument came into play. Something that upset me about the article is it seemed a bit one sided with most of the people that were involved in it. It seemed that more opinions of those from CLA could have been included since so many from Fox were. Also, out of personal opinion, I’m not sure a skywalk would be the part to have students decide they want to go to a school, which the article stated.

Article Link:

Architecture committee vetoes Fox skywalk

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