Independence Mall Trip

For today’s class time, it was spent at Independence mall and all of the historical sites that are within it. In the past, I have been to Independence mall and have had a different experience each time, but am still amazed each time I go to visit about all that had happened in the area. The last time I went to visit the site, it was to help a friend that did the Constitutional walks as a tour guide for the Constitution center to refresh the script for the tour after the winter. I made a few realizations about my last visit from being there today. We talked about how the groups running the tours are limited to what they are able to talk about while giving their tours. My friend who gave the tour briefly showed us the American Philosophical Society Museum, but did not go into much detail about. After learning about Peale, its amazing to see Peale was not talked about in the tour at all even though he seemed to have such an impact on the area. Seeing how Peale also had an influence on the area helped to show how artifacts and the mall came about.
Another experience I had previously at Independence mall was on Halloween in 2015 for College Game Day for football. When first finding out that Game Day would be there, I just figured it was because the area helped to show what Philadelphia had to offer since it has buildings and exhibits that were very influential in the founding of America. I did not know that the open area where everyone had stood had not always looked liked that, but had been redesigned in the 1950s. The national parks service doing so to create an area where crowds could practice their rights only added to what I learned today. I have seen first hand just what the intentions were for this design. I also saw for the first time that by standing by the Visitor Center, you can turn to see how the city has sprung up around Independence Hall. When looked out, it connects to how when reading about the anti-history, it creates a sense of what had happened and what is happening today without much in-between. From today’s visit, I was able to get a more in depth look at the National Park I have been visiting since I was young.

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