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The photos listed in the galleries related to Covid were very difficult to observe in some instances. Seeing exactly how our world is changing daily and starting to come in to this new sense of normalcy with masks and other social distancing precautions is really eye opening. After going through the galleries and seeing all of the photos, one photo stuck out the most. The image of the person spraying the nursery room as preschools were set to reopen. This photo struck me because personally being a secondary education major as well as an assistant preschool teacher for the past few years, and helping by coming in and cleaning and getting ready to open again at the one I worked at, I understood the importance of the keeping things clean as students coming back meant that we had to be even extra in tune to the measure we take in defending against a spread of Covid. The new world we live in is rapidly changing and adapting as we look for better solutions constantly in the fight to maintain a handle on the spread of Covid. The topic that came to mind after browsing these photos would be, how have school settings changed over time to help meet the needs of its students. Whether it be during past pandemics, safety measures as it pertains to gun violence, or just the overall changes and evolution in the classroom environment and what that has looked like throughout the decades since the formal introduction of schoolhouses.

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