The Archaeology and Anthropology Archives

On the basement floor of Glatfelter Hall at Temple, there is a neat collection of various archaeological artifacts and items that our class had the pleasure of visiting on November 8th. We got to see a variety of items including, pots, medicine bottles, leather straps, and even a conch shell. Now while these items may seem quite mundane, they can offer a lot of information and reveal much about the past. They can describe what kind of materials were being used at the time or what people used them for. They can reveal what a culture used to carry liquid with or what they used to hold different things. The collection at Temple has accrued these items which are important for looking at our history. After viewing the different items, our hosts then talked to us about archaeology and even about repatriation. Archaeology offers so many cool and exciting opportunities to study ur past. The one woman said that she had been to Central America unearthing sites finding various artifacts from days long ago. It is so interesting because while these people aren’t alive anymore, their tools and artifacts do live on and we can infer things about them. The other woman talked about her work in the Caribbean. Not only does she do outstanding work in her field, she also gets to experience the beautiful Caribbean islands. I think that sounds like an amazing job. What an opportunity?! They also gave us some information about repatriation of artifacts and remains to Native people in the area. This is really important because cultures can be reunited with certain things that are culturally valuable to them that keeps the memory of their people alive. I’m very happy that Temple has set something up to be involved in this cause.

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