The Black Museum Movement

During the 1960’s and throughout the 1970’s there was an ethnic revival within the black community after the fight for racial equality. African-Americans sought to establish institutions such as museums to express the history of African Americans. Unfortunately, many mainstream museums and textbooks consistently leave out and neglect black history. It’s almost as if these people don’t even exist. These people have a rich history and they are a part of our history. Their story often goes untold and this movement was started to end that inequality. This movement also had ties to the Black Power movement which asserted the establishment of a black identity. Black people have gone through so much and their identity was stripped away from them and still to this day that identity can be difficult to find. Andrea Burns talks about four institutions in her book, but the one that caught my eye was the African American Museum of Philadelphia mainly because it is right here in our city. I have never been there myself but I have friends who have visited before. I would very much like to go because it is important to try and understand other cultures. It is important for all people to know where they came from and they should be proud of their heritage. Much like I am proud of my Irish ancestry, African Americans should be afforded the same exact right. Another aspect I like about this book is how it seems as though there should be a strong connection between the community and the museum. People should get involved about understanding their history so they can affirm their own identity.

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