The Hill-Physick House Visit

This past Tuesday, September 25, our class had the opportunity to visit the Hill-Physick house in Society Hill. Phillip Physick, known as “the father of American surgery” lived in the house after separating from his wife Elizabeth Emelen Physick. The house is three-stories and was built in the classic Federal style. When entering the house, the first thing that I noticed was the smell. It smelled old and musty. The main hallway had some very nice wallpaper and the furnishings were very decadent and beautiful. As we moved into the ballroom, I really liked the mirrors. They were bordered in gold and a black eagle adorned the top. It gave me a very patriotic feel as the eagle was the prominence of the mirror itself calling back the idea that America had recently won its independence and the U.S. was on the rise



As the tour progressed we were able to go down into the basement which was very dark and damp. In the basement there was a stone trough with a drain. Physick was a surgeon and some people believe this is where he tested out his homemade tools for his work. The basement was underground and put off a very eerie feel. After this part of the tour, our guides took us upstairs and sat us down at a long table where they talked about advertising and how they raise funds for the house. They had a plethora of events from spooky parties to eating oysters and learning about the history of the house. While I did enjoy learning about their events and they seemed quite interesting, I would have liked to explore the rest of the house. I didn’t get to see Physick’s tools or room where he did most of his work which was somewhat disappointing. However, all in all, the trip was a lot of fun and the house took me back in time which was an enjoyable experience.