The threat of a “Cyber Pearl Harbor” coined by Leon E. Panetta, former U.S. Defense Secretary, is imminent and shows no sign of abating. An attack on physical system or hardware infrastructure will undoubtedly cost lives and do immeasurable damage; therefore, a trust-worthy physical infrastructure needs to be in place to avoid or resolve such attacks. Read also about DHS’ Cyber Physical Systems Security and Why DHS is Merging Cyber and Physical Security.

The Professional Science Master’s degree program in Computer and Systems Security (PSM–CSS) is offered by the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department of Temple University. (The ECE department is ranked 98 in the nation). The program focuses on the technology layer within the CPS paradigm, and on the tools and methodologies needed to ensure trustworthiness and asset protection of hardware and network systems. The program is designed, driven and taught entirely by industry experts, and emphasizes industry needs and work-place readiness with the ability to customize the learning track for desired outcome of each student.

The PSM-CSS program is built upon an experience-oriented approach to learning by offering students a solid foundation in technical knowledge and professional skills, DMZ’ed hardware-labs with Cisco network equipment, preparation for industry coveted certificates, and an internship or Capstone component to gain work experience from industries or agencies. Additionally, the all evening classes make the program accessible by working professionals. Students will be mentored by Industry Advisory Committee members throughout their academic years and the Program Director, Shianling Wu (swu@temple.edu), will personally assist in finding internship and career opportunities. With this degree, our graduates shall have the knowledge and tools to take their skills and careers in cyber physical security to a higher level. For 2017, we are proud to report that we have had a 100% internship placement.

For 2017, we are proud to report that we have had a 100% internship placement.