Submission Guidelines


  • The video must be an original work.
  • The video must inform about a specific information/cyber security and/or privacy topic and help educate people about using the internet more safely, securely, and effectively (i.e., provide tips for practicing Good Digital Citizenship).
  • Videos must be understandable for the general public.
  • All video submissions should be in English.
  • Positive, action oriented messages are highly recommended and will be viewed favorably during the judging process. (Tone is important!)
  • Video entries should be exactly 30 seconds in length.
  • Video entries must have end credits (not part of the 30 second PSA length) that list team members, their roles, and acknowledges any copyright materials.
  • Video quality should be 1080p or higher.
  • Videos should use closed captioning for accessibility. Visit the YouTube help center for instructions to add captions. All captions should be in English.
  • Video must use correct and consistent spelling, punctuation, grammar, and capitalization.

Code of Conduct

  • Videos must not infringe upon any copyright, trademark, or other proprietary right. Visit the YouTube help center for more information about copyright and fair use.
  • A media consent waiver must be provided for each person in the team. Media Waiver Form. Be sure to combine the waivers from each team into a SINGLE PDF file and upload it with your entry.
  • This contest is designed to showcase students’ work and help the community improve information security and privacy awareness and education programs. The winning PSAs will be available for K-12 schools, colleges, and universities to use in campus security and privacy awareness campaigns during Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October, data privacy awareness efforts in January and February, student orientations, and throughout the year. To that effect, we will license all entries under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license. If you have questions about this contest, please contact us by email at
  • Video content must NOT:
    • Promote illegal behavior.
    • Use inappropriate or obscene language.
    • Discriminate against or support individual prejudice towards others along ethnic, racial, religious, or sexual ground.
    • Invade the privacy of any person.
    • Support or oppose a candidate for elective office or advocate for the passage or defeat of legislation or a ballot measure.
  • Videos deemed inappropriate will be disqualified.


  • A link to the video entry must be provided. This video entry must be available/accessible till the winners are announced.
  • Videos must be generic (do not reference any specific school, applications, tools, websites, or vendors).
  • Teams can only submit one video entry.
  • Students must be from the same school for group submissions.
  • Multiple submissions are allowed from the same school, but there must be no overlap in membership across submissions.


  • There is no entry fee to participate.
  • Entries will be accepted through 12 PM ET on Monday, October 2, 2023.