With recent histories about the world being written and rewritten everyday, I definitely think my project would not be exempt to this after a few years. Two of the main ways I know my project will change when I look at it years from now, is through the topic of COVID and the history of racial health disparities. This clearly will change because the pandemic is still running like wildfire throughout our planet, and so much could happen from the time I write my paper to the years to come when I revisit it.

In 2024 I want to imagine myself thinking back on this paper with a vaccine for the virus, and all this chaos lessened (because I know the world can’t get on without some sort of chaos). I would also like to see an improvement with the long-standing health disparities in America, starting with how we approach teaching our future physicians how to properly approach medical ethics and unconscious bias when serving communities of color.

In 2050 I want to see an expansion of what I said in the last part of my paragraph to the point where respecting a human life that is different from yours is no longer a concept that needs to be taught, but is something that is common knowledge especially in the field of medicine. I know it is unrealistic to think that all forms of prejudice will be eradicated by this time, but I think in thirty years I will be able to have a different perspective on it than I do now because in spite of the ugly existence of prejudice still very much present in our world, I believe with the constant evolution of technology, and the increased recognition of the need to address prejudice in all of its forms will make hopeful strides into the future.

In 2120 I believe the world will be incredible diversified, even more than it is now. With the world already moving toward more diversity in spite of all of the struggles, it is still becoming more diverse. A part of me would like to think that my original perspective would actually be nearly inapplicable to that world because of how much society has progressed.