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Simpatico Theatre explores stories that celebrate, challenge, and expand our definitions of community and compassion. We stage thought-provoking work that’s grounded in social justice, civil rights, and community service. Our grassroots dedication to bridging communities fuels our work, reveals avenues of advocacy for our audiences, and leads to transformative collaborations in our city.


PHILLY EDUCATION STORIES a collaboration with Teacher Action Group and Simpatico Theatre

Sunday, November 10th at 4:00pm // Monday, November 11th at 6:30pm

All performances take place at Theatre Exile, 1340 S. 13th St. (13th and Reed St.) Philadelphia, PA 19147

For the past year, educators and students throughout Philadelphia have been sitting down together in story circles to document their experiences and beliefs about education.

From these story circles they have created a piece of theater to share their collective vision for educational transformation in Philadelphia.

All shows are FREE and open to the Public – Reservations Required

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Come by and see us sometime!

Find information about how to make your visit to Simpatico stress-free. Below you will find more information about what’s onstage, what’s up next, and where to find it all.

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All performances will take place at The Louis Bluver Theatre at The Drake, 302 S. Hicks St. Philadelphia, PA 19102.


Pay What You Decide

It’s as easy as it sounds. Make a reservation online to see one of our shows, come check it out, and after the performance YOU decide what that experience was worth to you. Simpatico is following in the footsteps of Azuka Theatre and throwing open our doors to everyone in this community.

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Fellowship and Community

There’s a reason we refer to our theaters as “houses” for us it is home. We want you to feel welcome here, to find community and fellowship with those around you. We love these words from nationally renowned playwright Dominique Morisseau.


You are allowed to laugh audibly.

You are allowed to have audible moments of reaction and response.

My work requires a few “um hmms” and “uhn uhnns” should you need to use them. Just maybe in moderation. Only when you really need to vocalize.

This can be church for some of us, and testifying is allowed.

This is also live theatre and the actors need you to engage with them, not distract them or thwart their performance.

Please be an audience member that joins with others and allows a bit of breathing room. Exhale together. Laugh together. Say “amen” should you need to.

This is community. Let’s go.

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