I am the consumer.  Entertain me.  I do not want lectures.  Do not preach to me your ideology.  Do not try to convince me that I should do something to change the political system that is out of control. Do not curse at me.  Entertain me.  Make me laugh, or cry (though honestly I prefer to laugh). Engage me, make me want to listen to your tale.  Do not justify your world’s existence, or give me the journey from the present day to apocalypse to when your story begins.  It is background, I understand it happened I don’t need to know why.  Lastly, do not bore me with details of flowers.

If I am here learn, then teach. Do not preach. Again, I do not want an agenda. Do not shade the facts, or hide them. Present the truth, for it will ultimately be revealed anyway. If not by you, then by someone who discredits you.

This blog is a place to host a review of the books I’ve read (or listened to, since most of the books I “read” are audiobooks). I have eclectic tastes… so to make it easier to find what you’re looking for I’ve broken things down by category.