by Jez Humble, Gene Kim and Nicole Forsgren

First off, the book has a TON of great info in it; however, I strongly recommend that you actually *read* the book and not listen to it as an audiobook. The narrator sounds like she’s tired (which made me tired) or is trying to soothe a scared child. Second, littered through the audiobook version are “please refer to chart X in the accompanying PDF”. I’m trying to listen. I’m not at a place where I can just pull up a PDF to look at a chart. It’d be better if they described the salient points of the chart.

Some notes from the book (to whet your appetite to read it yourself):

Who is on a team matters less than how teams interact, structure their work and view their contributions.

Instead of looking for a ‘throat to choke’, in complex adaptive systems failures are typically the not result of a single person who saw clearly what was going to happen and failed to prevent it, rather accidents happen as the result of an interplay of complex contributing factors.

A sense of identity helps reduce burnout by aligning personal and organizational values.

Leaders set the tone of the organization and reinforce the desired organizational norms. The five dimensions of a transformational leader are:

  1. Vision (has a clear understanding of the organization and where it will be in 5 years)
  2. Inspirational communication (communicates in a way that inspires and motivates, even in an uncertain or changing environment)
  3. Intellectual stimulation (challenges followers to think about problems in new ways)
  4. Supportive leadership (demonstrates care and consideration of followers personal needs and feelings)
  5. Personal recognition (praises and acknowledges achievements of goals and improvements of work quality, personally compliments others when they do outstanding work).

Story: 4

Audio elements: 1