By Liz Wolfe

This is the first book I’ve read about the Paleo diet (though she deviates a bit from it). I’m familiar with the Atkins/Protein Power diet from about 2 decades ago. This one seems a lot more do-able, and there are a lot of interesting items in here to advocate for a Paleo-like diet.

However…. I am suspect at some of the content. Prenatal vitamin A deficiencies result in poor teeth alignment or jaw formation? I would have bought this if I didn’t have triplets, one of whom had horrible teeth, and one has perfect teeth. Maybe Ted took all the Vitamin A, but it seems odd that it would work that way. If cows eat what they’re supposed to eat, then their cowpatties don’t smell. That seems logical but at the same time, I’d want to ask some farmers before buying into this lock stock and barrel.

Regardless, lots of good info, the reader was engaging, and it was generally backed up with lots of source material. If you’re interested in dieting, and are considering going Paleo, I’d recommend the book.

Story: 4

Audio elements: 5