What I learned in Digital World

Digital World 2020, taught by Professor Emilio Salgueiro, was a class I took my first semester at Temple University. Coming into the class I had little knowledge about how media and technology worked and was created. Throughout the course I learned computing, internet basics, and programming. I was taught how to compute in different languages like Binary and ASCII. I was taught about are internet and how it is run in our world. Through labs like building a turtle racetrack, I learned how to program. During the class we also went on a field trip to the Computer Recycling Center at Temple University. I learned how the CRC restores and refurbishes different technological devices and then sells them at affordable prices for students. I enjoyed working on our group project where I was bale to learn more about my classmates majors and the Adobe applications. In the end, the class helped me learn more in-depth skills about technology and taught me things I never would have learned without taking the class!

My Favorite Technology

iPad-I love the iPad, it is my favorite piece of technology that I own. The iPad is useful because it is a smaller computer and can be easily transported. It allows me to surf the web, watch videos, work on projects, email, and text. I view the iPad as a bigger phone but smaller laptop. In high school I was required to have an iPad, so I have a lot of experience using one and have owned a few different ones. While I am transferring over to using a laptop for college, I still use my iPad for recreational activities.

Other pieces of technology that I own:

  • iPhoneX
  • Play Station 4
  • HP Pavilion Laptop
  • Hisense Roku Tv

How my field uses technology

Sports communication and media is a very large field that uses plenty of technology. Television is a huge part of sports media, it is where most sporting events are broadcasted. Radio is another big part of sports media, it is another platform where sporting events and sports talk shows are broadcasted. These platforms would not be possible without high-tech cameras, microphones, and wireless networks. Other technologies that could be used are monitors, graphic designs, and video editing.