What I learned in Digital World

Digital World 2020, taught by Professor Emilio Salgueiro, was a class I took my first semester at Temple University. Coming into the class I had little knowledge about how media and technology worked and was created. Throughout the course I learned computing, internet basics, and programming. I was taught how to compute in different languages like Binary and ASCII. I was taught about are internet and how it is run in our world. Through labs like building a turtle racetrack, I learned how to program. During the class we also went on a field trip to the Computer Recycling Center at Temple University. I learned how the CRC restores and refurbishes different technological devices and then sells them at affordable prices for students. I enjoyed working on our group project where I was bale to learn more about my classmates majors and the Adobe applications. In the end, the class helped me learn more in-depth skills about technology and taught me things I never would have learned without taking the class!

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