Leaflet AFD 170 and AFD 189


170: As described and discussed by Sergeant Major Herbert Friedman, a specialist in Psychological operations in Afghanistan, this leaflet depicts  American and Afghan forces working together toward peace and is clearly the basis for the imagery on the World Trade Center rugs: “Just as on the rug, this leaflet depicts the US and Afghan flags with a white dove of peace in the center.

The text on this leaflet is:
Your local leaders and United States forces unite to bring peace to Afghanistan

PSYOP Sergeant Mason West told me that in relation to the dove of peace symbolism in the rug:

The rug you presented was influenced from a leaflet that was disseminated by my team members in our area of responsibility, Mazar-E-Sharif, in 2002. My Team was known as “Gator 2-3.” The unit is 345th Tactical Support Company (Airborne) stationed in Dallas, Texas. The design on the top of the prayer rug was an exact replica of one of our “Peace to Afghanistan from the American Coalition” The irony of this is that we convinced and gave all the credit to the local populous, specifically the rug shop that ran with the idea. The same rug is on display at the Pentagon” (Friedman, “Psychological Operations in Afghanistan”).


189: Almost viscerally compelling, this leaflet showing the actual attack on the Twin Towers has a chilling effect on American audiences, especially as an element of propaganda for an Afghan audience.

The text of the leaflet reads:
20th September, 1380. World Trade Center The Coalition Forces came to arrest those responsible for the terrorism against America. They also come to arrest anyone that protects them. More than 3,000 people in the United States of America were murdered in these attacks.

[Note: the date is obviously using the Persian Calendar]” (Friedman, “Psychological Operations in Afghanistan”).

~Leaflet Images courtesy of SGT. Herbert Friedman and Psywarrior.com