Outside In: Violence and Expression in Afghan War Rugs

The Libraries and the Intellectual Heritage Program present an exhibition of Afghan War Rugs, traditional hand knotted carpets that combine ancient practice with the latest in the daily lives of the weavers.  Many of the rug designs originate in antiquity, but since the 1980’s now incorporate the war that spans from the Soviet invasion through today’s battles with the Taliban. The weavers have witnessed epic historical events, encoded them in their traditional art, and wrought important contemporary art.On view throughout 7 dates through March 30, 2016,  with tours led by the curators running during the scheduled open hours. Tours run about 30min and you can register here.

Click here to read about the event and view photos from The Temple News!

Curated by Alicia Cunningham-Bryant and student assistant curators Ilana Napoli and Rachel Morin.These materials are generously on loan from Kevin Sudeith and all photos are courtesy of Kevin Sudeith and warrug.com.