Activity Toolkit

In recreational therapy there are certain therapeutic approaches and activities one can select to participate in.  These activities are administered on an individual basis or in a group.  Interventions or programs in different modalities can be used to reach outcomes for a variety of specific health conditions.  Any activity that is implemented in a treatment program will be modified to best suit the individual or group.  The subpages within this section list possible modality categories one may be interested in.  All activities engage numerous sensory functions and also focus on improving one’s quality of life.

Adapted Sports Games

Anger Management



Computers, Technology, & Video Games

Cooperative Games/Adventure Therapy

Dance/Movement, Tai-Chi, & Yoga

Expressive Arts: Creative Writing, Drama, Art, & Crafts

Games: Table, Board, & Card


Leisure Education

Magic & Humor

Massage & Aromatherapy

Moral Development & Values Clarification



Relaxation & Stress Management

Reminiscence, Reality Orientation, & Validation

Sensory Stimulation

Social Interactions & Discussion Groups