My name is Olivia Kolis and I am a senior studying Therapeutic Recreation at Temple University. When I first came to Temple I declared a major in Kinesiology and through talking with friends and advisors, I stumbled upon Therapeutic Recreation.  I decided to switch majors in hopes to discover new therapeutic benefits or techniques.  I have previously worked with populations such as: adults with physical disabilities, adults with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, Early Intervention, and various populations at Temple University Hospital.  All of these experiences validated my passion for helping others in a unique way.  Therapeutic Recreation focuses on improving a person’s entire quality of life rather than just one asset of their life, which I find extremely fundamental to a person.

Professionally for the future, I am open to working with any population.  My most recent internship was at ReMed; a facility for adults with Traumatic Brain Injuries, which was a fascinating and insightful experience for me.  Although I am still in this internship, I am learning a tremendous amount about TBI’s and the different components of a TBI.

Through my experiences at various sites, I have developed a vast knowledge of several different populations.  Each day, I fall more in love with what I am going to do for the rest of my life and although it is certainly not an easy road to go down, it is more than worth it to impact an individual’s life.