I am currently a sophomore at Temple University studying therapeutic recreation. While it took me a little while to get here (I was in Fox and then the College of Education) I could not be more thrilled to be a therapeutic recreation major. After hearing about therapeutic recreation from a friend of a friend, I knew it was something I had to look into more. I had realized that I wanted to work with people with intellectual disabilities but had not yet found the proper route to do so. After hearing about what CTRS do and who they work with, I knew that therapeutic recreation was the right choice for me.

After graduating from Temple, I hope to work with adults with intellectual disabilities. Previously I had wanted to work with children with intellectual disabilities, but after completing some of my professional development hours at the Carousel House in West Philadelphia I found a passion for working with adults. Therapeutic recreation is so important to me because it is truly about helping people live their best lives and do what they freely want to do. This is such a key part to living a happy and healthy life, and I could not be more excited to help people acheive this. I am currently not sure in what capacity I would like to work with adults with intellectual disabilities. My mind is constantly changing on what I want to do!

I am currently volunteering at retirement community and learning a great deal about geriatrics. In the future I plan to complete more hours like this, but including a more diverse population. My hours spent volunteering along with what I am learning about in my current therapeutic recreation classes make me confident that when I graduate I will be able to accomplish my professional goals as a CTRS.