Principle Investigator

Meixia Ding, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, Temple University


Current Team Members

Benjamin Spiro, PhD student (RA), Math and Science Education, Temple

Ying Yu, Master Student, Early Childhood Education, Temple University

Rana Mochaourab, Master Student, Early Childhood Education, Temple University

Monica L Manfredonia, Undergraduate student, Early Childhood Education, Temple

Cecilia Ching-Yun, Undergraduate student, Early Childhood Education,

Team Members in the Past

Laurie Shirley Esposito, PhD student (RA), TempleEli Barnett, PhD Student, Temple (currently, high school math teacher)

Judy Stull , PhD, Associate Professor, Temple University

Ryan Hassler, PhD., Instructor of Mathematics, Penn State-Berks.

Wei Chen, PhD, Assistant Professor(visiting scholar), Xiaozhuang Normal University

Ara Jo,  Master Student, Middle Grade Math Education, Temple University

Undergraduates: Chloe ST. George, Kiwoong J Song,  Michael Miscewitz, Alexandra Acocella, Wenda Luo, Alexandra Duesenberry, Joshua M. Schwart, Emily Reitmeyer

Research Team in China

  • Chinese Main Contact – Fu Ma (马复,Professor of Mathematics Education, Nanjing Normal University
  • Project Executive Director – Jing Chen (陈静,Director of Teacher PD Center, Nanjing (Past: 仲广群)
  • Videotaping Staff – Guosen Zhang (张国森,Technology Faculty member, Nanjing Normal University)
  • Graduate student workers – Ye Yuan (袁野),Cuicui Deng (邓翠翠),  Qingbao Cheng (程庆保)Master students of Mathematics Education, Nanjing Normal University)

Advisory Board

Jinfa Cai (University of Delaware, U.S.)

Roger Howe (Yale University, U.S.)

Kevin Miller (University of Michigan, U.S.)

Christopher Shaffer (School District of Philadelphia, U.S.)

Fu Ma (Nanjing Normal University, China)

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