Statement of Purpose

Hello, my name is Noah Richley and I am a freshman Real Estate major at Temple University in Philadelphia. I am from the Gettysburg area, which is solely known for it’s abundant farmland and the historical Battle of Gettysburg in the Civil War. As one could clearly analyze due to the location of my hometown, I am not very familiar with the whole city atmosphere. Although, one of my incentives moving forward as a young student were to emerge myself in an urban environment in hopes of being exposed to new ideas, cultures, and corporations. Drexel and Temple were my two main choices, but after I toured Temple’s campus and acquired a better understanding of the campus’s ideology and purpose for their students, I instantly knew that this was the location I wanted to further develop my education for the next four years. As a Real Estate major, I intend to become a commercial property manager following graduation. I possess a specific interest in business concepts that can applied to the real estate field in order to properly manage large commercial complexes in urban areas and issues present at those complexes. Therefore, one may reasonably wonder why a business major would chose American Revolutions as an elective. I have always possessed a major interest in how our country and world has developed from century to century. My father was part of the Navy and traveled all over the world, acquiring an insight of different societies and inspired me from a young age to engage in and respect our world’s history. Consequently, this is why I enrolled in the American Revolutions course and I am looking forward to further develop my knowledge of our country and Philadelphia’s past.

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