Campus Scavenger Hunt

Seeing these buildings every day for 4 years has left me blind to their condition. This scavenger hunt really opened my eyes to the progress that Temple has made in it’s community. To think years back, around the time my parents met (and yes, they met at Temple on the first day), many of these buildings were never here or never looked as good as they do today. The urban renewal that has taken place on campus is astounding. Many of these buildings have been completely restored or refurbished with newer architectural aesthetics. Many of the buildings directly on Broad Street, like Mitten Hall (not seen in the images below), are routinely restored to preserve the beautiful history of our school and the beginnings of early urban renewal. Buildings like Alter Hall (formerly Curtis Hall), have experienced a major face lift. New residency buildings have been constructed on the outskirts of campus, like Morgan Hall and the View. There are also a few buildings that have been re-purposed, such as the housing complex Kardon & Atlantic which used to be a factory back in the day. However, although it is appealing to see TempleĀ  begin new construction and participate in the urban renewal of Philadelphia, they are quite slow to the punch. It confuses me that in the 4 years that I have been here, construction of the new library is heading towards its 5th year of construction while the new STAR gym on 15th & Montgomery was built in just over a year. This is concerning to me because thing’s like libraries and residency halls should be on the top of Temple’s list. Speaking of residency halls, Peabody is one of the few buildings that has remained almost completely untouched since my parents met here. Peabody Hall is severely outdated and recently has imposed certain health risks on its residents.

Curtis Hall (now known as Alter Hall)

Speakman Hall

Barton Hall (under construction for Temple’s new Library!)

Refurbished Alumni Circle (refurbished plaza in the background)

Peabody Hall (one of the oldest residency halls on campus)

Johnson & Hardwick Hall

Relatively new Lew Klein College of Media & Communication

Beury Hall (next to the Bell Tower & “Beury Beach”

Presser Hall

Ritter Hall 1.1

Ritter Hall 1.2

Morgan Hall (new on-campus housing)

The View (new on-campus housing)