Visit to Macy’s (Wanamaker’s) Department Store

I know that it has been quite some time, but then again, this is a history class. Back in 2004 when I was 9, I went to Philly with my family to see the Macy’s Christmas light show. It was very interesting. Being the angsty kid I was, I really did not want to be there. Regardless of my initial thoughts, this experience was great. Especially now that I know the history of the Wanamaker family, it is super interesting to see how this department store alone has progressed over the years. This building itself is very old, not like many of the other buildings that surround the area which have been torn down and since been replaced with “better” architectural strength. I am not that old even though I am the oldest in this classroom, I do believe that my elders do see more importance within this building. It resembles the blue-collar workforce of America that has been so true to us, and has established our Industrial Revolution.

I really would love to go back to the Macy’s Department Store, but truly, I cannot have the same nostalgic feeling that I would get if it weren’t in the height of the winter season of December. I am sure that many of my elders can hold up this argument as well. Macy’s Department Store is still standing, and their Christmas Light Show has been there since 1956. I think that it would be just great to keep something so held dear to our hearts and give that same feeling to our children as well. For anyone that has not made the trip to the Macy’s Department Store, please go there, you will see how much the little things matter in your life. And not to mention, how much of an impact your ancestors have had on you and your children’s life.