Five Easy and Quick Tips to Enhance Your Photos

  1. Rule of Thirds: Imagine dividing the picture into a tic-tac-toe board and place the focal points of your image at the points where the imaginary lines intersect
  2. Birds Eye View:  Take the picture from a higher point and look down at your subject.  This technique can be done from many angles in order to make the same object look different.
  3. Bugs Eye View:  This technique is when the photographer captures the image from below looking up at something, therefore making the subject look very large.
  4. Use of Natural Frames: Using objects you want in or around the picture that make a border around some or all of the image.  These can include something from nature (such as a cave) or something artificially built (such as a tunnel).  This method would not include use digital to input a frame around the image.
  5. Reflections: Using bodies of water or mirrors can distort the image and therefore change it so the audience does not know what the original one looked like.